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Headache magazine/TrueMetalFan
πŸ“° Zine: Headache magazine/TrueMetalFan
πŸ—’ Chapter: FALCON: A flight from the past to the future
🧾 Published: Mar 2005
πŸ” Updated: Tue 24 Jan 2023
logo002 Logos | Cirith Ungol Online
πŸ” Updated: Wed 29 Mar 2023
MichaelMoorcock goodman games Michael Moorcock | Cirith Ungol Online
Michael Moorcock
πŸ“… Born: Mon 18 Dec 1939
πŸ” Updated: Mon 27 Feb 2023
falcon falcon front1 Falcon | Cirith Ungol Online
🀘 Band: Falcon
πŸ“… Year: 2004
πŸ” Updated: Mon 07 Nov 2022
sleazegrinder Sleazegrinder | Cirith Ungol Online
πŸ“° Zine: Sleazegrinder
πŸ—’ Chapter: Tales from the Black Machine / Sleaze VS. Cirith Ungol
🧾 Published: Dec 2001
πŸ” Updated: Tue 24 Jan 2023