diaconq Diabolical Conquest | Cirith Ungol Online
Diabolical Conquest
πŸ“° Zine: Diabolical Conquest
πŸ—’ Chapter: Interview with the Classic Heavy Metal band CIRITH UNGOL
🧾 Published: Feb 2008
πŸ” Updated: Tue 24 Jan 2023
truemetalfanbannerlarge Headache magazine/TrueMetalFan | Cirith Ungol Online
Headache magazine/TrueMetalFan
πŸ“° Zine: Headache magazine/TrueMetalFan
πŸ—’ Chapter: FALCON: A flight from the past to the future
🧾 Published: Mar 2005
πŸ” Updated: Tue 24 Jan 2023
frostandfire front Frost and Fire | Cirith Ungol Online
Frost and Fire
🀘 Band: Cirith Ungol
πŸ“… Year: 1981
πŸ” Updated: Tue 11 Apr 2023
BestWolfBoy Robert Garven | Cirith Ungol Online
Robert Garven
πŸ“… Born: Fri 29 Jun 1956
πŸ” Updated: Thu 16 Feb 2023