The Orange Album
🤘 Band: Cirith Ungol
📅 Year: 1978
🔁 Updated: Wed 09 Nov 2022
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The Past Is Alive: this obscure 70s relic has now been exhumed and revamped as an exclusive Decibel # 187 flexi single. The song dates back to a pre-“Orange Album”-era rehearsal/demo recording c. 1978 that featured the lineup of Greg Lindstrom, Robert Garven, and Jerry Fogle and also included “Half Past Human – A Quarter to Ape”, “Amon Rute”, “Shelob’s Lair”, a cover of Masters of the Airwaves “Back in ‘51”, and “Animal Passion”???? #cirithungol #cirithungolband #brutishmanchild #flexi #45rpm #decibelmagazine
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🔁 Updated: Thu 02 Apr 2020