ATTENTION PARTY ANIMALS!!!!! This is an important…

Frost and Fire 10:30pm Oct 9
ATTENTION PARTY ANIMALS!!!!! This is an important message…

In California, alcohol is only sold until 2:00am. The bars stop serving around 1:45. The stores stop selling around that time, as well.
There is a liquor store right next door to the venue for all of your hard liquor, beer, and wine needs.

If you plan on partying at your hotel after the show, take advantage of the opportunity ahead of time to stock up on everything you might need to continue your night of heavy metal debauchery! You have been warned.

Mark Gonzales 10:32pm Oct 9
very important info

Ernesto Villagomez 10:39pm Oct 9
What kind of rookie do you take me for???

Frost and Fire 10:40pm Oct 9
Lots of people coming in from other countries and states

Jimena Contreras 11:12pm Oct 9
Thanks for the info! ?

Bryant Escobar 11:49pm Oct 9
Love the fact that you are informing your patrons. Cheers

Ieltxu Lauzirika 1:23am Oct 10
Useful info indeed!

Wes Craven 1:25am Oct 10
Thank you for posting about this! Jason Stares don’t let me forget!

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