Hey, I just bought tickets from the linked Night D…

Hesh Ketchum 1:11am Oct 16
Hey, I just bought tickets from the linked Night Demon sight thinking i could pick them Up from will call, but it says they are shipping to me ?? Is there any way to fix this so that I can pick them up and not receive them in the mail days after the show?

Frost and Fire 1:24am Oct 16
They will be at will call

Hesh Ketchum 2:06am Oct 16
Thank you so much for the quick response!!!

Ted Banks 2:27am Oct 16
I’m in the same situation as Hersh but I purschased mine online Monday. Can someone please make sure I’m gonna have a ticket at will call. I’m bringing my reiept with me to show if needed. It’s a long drive from San Diego and I’d hate to not be able to get in. Thanks! \m/

Hesh Ketchum 2:36am Oct 16
I think they meant all of the ones bought o line will be at will call 🙂

Frost and Fire 3:03am Oct 16
ALL tickets will be at will call

Ted Banks 3:39am Oct 16
Ahhhh, got it. Thanks!

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