Jeff Black 12:25am Jul 31
Holy shit

Jeff Black 12:26am Jul 31
Anyone from Seattle/Vancouver wanna road trip this MFer? This is my birthday weekend

Brandon Ziomek 12:39am Jul 31
Holy shit is right. I’m not in the area but damn, that’s tempting.

David Messier 12:41am Jul 31

David Messier 12:51am Jul 31
Jeff Black this isnt the same thing as the other thing we talked about is it? im literally dying , i must see ASHBURY FUCK

Matt Macabre Emery 1:03am Jul 31
Yeah, count me in

David Messier 1:04am Jul 31
fuck it boys , lets get er going

Matt Macabre Emery 1:07am Jul 31
"Do you think the Cutlass’ll make it?"

Jeff Black 1:15am Jul 31
I can seat 5 in my car including myself. Pitch for gas and you’re in.

David Messier 1:16am Jul 31

Mark Schwartz 1:38am Jul 31
I will see you on the front lines, sir!

Jeff Black 1:50am Jul 31
Just bought my ticket!

Ryan Liedel 1:52am Jul 31
We will most likely see you there!

Matt Macabre Emery 1:54am Jul 31
Buying mine next week! Stoked

Amy Lee Carlson 3:54am Jul 31
I think a few of us Seattle folks are headed down.

Margie Metalho 9:22am Aug 14
I am going to work on making this happen too.

Margie Metalho 8:13pm Aug 14
It’s official, got my ticket! 😀

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