I’ve got 2 extra tickets to unload for 17$ a piece…

Garen Ross 2:31am Oct 17
I’ve got 2 extra tickets to unload for 17$ a piece (what I paid for em). 5$ cheaper than the door price! First come, first served!

Zach Friedberg 4:05am Oct 17
You still going dude?

Garen Ross 4:06am Oct 17
Ya, just bought extra tickets assuming it’d sell out and some of my friends would need em.

Zach Friedberg 4:07am Oct 17
My bro hasn’t bought his yet. We’ll be there early. You getting there before does open? I so he’ll grab it from you.

Garen Ross 4:09am Oct 17
Well our hotel is only like 2 miles away, so I could meet you at 4 when the will call opens.

Zach Friedberg 6:30am Oct 17
Rad. Hit me up when you’re around.

Anna Mae Harris 7:29am Oct 17
Wish I coulda sold mine!!! I purchased without realizing I’d be at Priest tonight! Cheap ticket anyway.. Would have given it away probably! Hope the gig ruled!!!! Priest was amazing as always but the drive was fucking painful!

Bryant Escobar 8:42am Oct 17
Still have the tickets?

Jaremik Svedhoz 8:44am Oct 17
The shoe is tomorrow night Anna 🙂

Bryant Escobar 8:45am Oct 17
And if you still have them, I’ll take em!

Anna Mae Harris 9:02am Oct 17
Oh.. Haha got it mixed up! I’m in Vegas tomorrow anyway

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