On behalf of GYGAX, we would like to thank all adv…

Onos T’oolan 5:21am Oct 19
On behalf of GYGAX, we would like to thank all adventurer hessian’s that rallied to our cry. That was the single most incredible turn out we have played to yet. Each and every one of you are excellent humans and we are ever grateful to have shared energy with you. Special thanks to "Jarvis" for hooking up a legendary event and as always our iron brothers from VISIGOTH. If anyone enjoyed our show, please post anything you have to the GYGAX page. And our new album "CRITICAL HITS" will be available on Creator-Destructor Records in December. Again, thanks to everyone that made this happen. Party on from dusk til dawn.

Danny Messiahx 5:27am Oct 19
Thanks for the "Malazan Metal" and an all around great set. One of the highlights of the night for me

Onos T’oolan 5:32am Oct 19
No, Danny…… thank YOU!!

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