Frost and Fire 12:44am Oct 16
Setting it all up!

Tom Draper 12:45am Oct 16
Fuck yeah! Is anything going down on Friday night?

Mark Schwartz 12:46am Oct 16
So bummed I couldn’t make it, there better be one of these next year!

Frost and Fire 12:47am Oct 16
We will definitely do one next year. Friday night party is in SF. Only one night in Ventura, this year

Tom Draper 12:48am Oct 16
Oh man I’m flying down from SF on Friday night! Oops.

Jeremy Nardcore 1:01am Oct 16

Victor Robles 1:04am Oct 16
Tickets still for sale???

Frost and Fire 1:06am Oct 16
Yes Victor Robles.

Mark Schwartz 1:08am Oct 16
I bought two tickets I can’t use, is there a way to give them to someone?

Victor Robles 1:14am Oct 16
Can you buy at the door ?

Kit Ekman 4:31am Oct 16
Photographic proof that this is real!!!

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