Leo Olivares 8:18am Sep 27
Since this thing is getting close, Is it possible that someone can give me a ride to this fest? I live in cudahy which is in southeast LA By downey.

John Michael Piper 8:21am Sep 27
I’ll pick you up to go…when is it?

Leo Olivares 8:24am Sep 27
The 17th. Are you sure that you can take me?

John Michael Piper 8:25am Sep 27
I don’t see why not, I have a vehicle, and it works good…sure

Leo Olivares 8:26am Sep 27

John Michael Piper 8:26am Sep 27
of October 17th…duh…lol

John Michael Piper 8:26am Sep 27
I’ve needed to get out of the house…been workin alot

John Michael Piper 8:27am Sep 27
What time?

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