Thank you all from the bottom of our metal hearts!…

Frost and Fire 4:14pm Oct 18
Thank you all from the bottom of our metal hearts! Frost and Fire was a magical day and one for the ages. Sold out festival proving heavy metal is still alive and well in America. See you all next year!

Grim Deeds 4:16pm Oct 18

Gabriel Olivarria 4:26pm Oct 18
nothing but hails to YOU! all of your handwork for months came across as the best fest the U.S. has seen in years. you rule jarvis! Wolfcross thanks you!

Bryan Patrick 4:33pm Oct 18
A mighty Up the Hammers from the Manilla crew! Very well done my brother, and thank you!

Ieltxu Lauzirika 4:51pm Oct 18
Thank you Jarvis for making this! We had an incredible time! See you next year!

Chase McGuire 6:25pm Oct 18
Honestly the way it was set up with the Merch tables was perfect not crowded. Thank you Bat that was fuckin amazing WolfCross! Nacho! Jarvis!

Jimena Contreras 9:12pm Oct 18
It was amazing! Thank you very much! By the way, I lost my t-shirt from the event 🙁

Frost and Fire 9:45pm Oct 18
Jimena Contreras we will put some up on the site in a couple days

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