ID 180 • Edition LP: GRC/DE (“Sonic Age Records”/”Enigma”; ?) • Record Paradise LostBand Cirith UngolRelease date 2006 • Release label "Sonic Age Records"/"Enigma" • Country Greece/Germany

This is the only of the four album that has never been officially released on vinyl before 2016. Although bootleg vinyl exists. They were printed in Greece (or Germany) and are said to be of not very good quality. It is long out of print. Possibly 2006.

There were rumors about a re-release of the “Paradise Lost” album on CD and even on Vinyl. Can you tell me something about it?
I talked to Brian about this, and once again if there is any kind of desire to re-release “Paradise Lost” (PL) on Metal Blade I am fully in favor of the project and would do everything in my power to see it completed. PL was a disaster of an album as we had zero, repeat zero control over the production or recording of that album, I cried when I first heard it. The band members were not allowed in the studio when the other members were doing their tracks and I was forced to play my drums to a click track without any other instruments. It was all very disgusting and sickening and is probably the #1 thing that led to the final destruction of the band. However Tim’s trilogy “Paradise Lost” I feel makes it worthwhile listening. The sad story here is that our pre-studio demo tapes of the album were ten times better than the final product.

Cirith Ungol Interview, That’s Metal 1/99, German Heavy Metal Magazine with Thomas

Copyright © – Michael R. Whelan
Copyright © – Liquid Flame Music
Copyright © – X-Ray Zulu Music
Published By – Liquid Flame Music
Published By – X-Ray Zulu Music
Published By – Winnokie Music
Recorded At – Goldmine Recording Studios
Mixed At Mad Dog Studios
All songs © 1991, Liquid Flame Music / X-RAY ZULU MUSIC (BMI) except A3 published by Winnokie Music (BMI).
Barcode: 0 00123 45678 4
Rights Society: BMI

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