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Article CIRITH UNGOL AMA announcement – 08/14/22 • Published Sun 14 Aug 2022 Back to...
Check it out here:

Join our AMA on the Shreddit subreddit this Sunday, August 14th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST.

Repost from @shreddit__

It’s been a while, let me knock the dust off the keyboard…

Attention, attention! Calling all Shreddites! We have an important announcement for all whom this will reach:

Cirith Ungol will be holding an AMA on the subreddit on August 14th at 1pm PST. That’s this Sunday. Pacific Standard time is currently GMT-7.

Cirith Ungol need no introduction, but I’ll give a small one anyway. The band blasted its way onto the scene with Frost and Fire in 81, dropped four amazing albums, took a break and released Forever Black in 2020 to much fan fair. If you don’t know who these guys are, you’re missing out. Seriously. You’ve got 6 days to get yourself acquainted with their sound and to get your questions ready!


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