Record Hymns to Steel • Band Emerald Format album, vinyl • Published 2009


LP song time
A01 Preparing for Battle 01:51
A02 Hymn to Steel 06:04
A03 Revenge 04:57
A04 Empire of Lies 05:44
B01 My Way 05:03
B02 Blind Mass 05:41
B03 Will You Ever Return 05:03
B04 Bastardo 04:28
C01 We Shall Rise 05:25
C02 Bard of the King 05:47
C03 After the Battle 01:56
C04 Warlord’s Wrath (BLACK KNIGHT cover)
D01 Dr. Phibes/Dreamworld (ANGEL WITCH cover)
D02 Heaven Help Us (CIRITH UNGOL cover)
D03 Rebels of our Time (live)
D04 Battlefield (live)


Check it out here:

Album with a Cirith Ungol-cover.

The Cirith Ungol cover is only on vinyl re-release, not on the original 2007-CD. The CD has a different tracklist – it omits track 12-16 on the vinyl, but has Azrael (Crimson Glory cover) as track 10, total 12 tracks.

The cover is available on the One Foot In Fire-tribute album.

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