Record Worms of the Earth • Band Rosae Crucis Format album • Published Wed 02 Apr 2003



CD song time
01 Behind the Eyes of Partha Mac Othna 03:40
02 The Justice of Roma 06:57
03 Bran Mak Morn 05:11
04 A Wizard in My Dreams 02:14
05 Escape from Eboracum 06:52
06 The Dagon’s Moore 04:58
07 Gates to Abominium 04:25
08 The Black Stone 05:36
09 Traian’s Tower Falls 02:38
10 Worms of the Earth 04:27
11 The Witch 05:08
12 Requiem for Titus Silla 03:44
13 Death of the Sun (Cirith Ungol cover)
Check it out here:

Album with a Cirith Ungol-cover

The Cirith Ungol cover is a bonus track only on the japanese edition.

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