The first official Cirith Ungol website was run by Robert Garven himself from 1999 to 2003.

Then a new site was launched: cirith-ungol.dragonight.de from 2004 and truemetal.org/cirithungol ca. 2007-2009.

After that site was discontinued, I volunteered to create a new site, so I created The Cirith Ungol Webpit, a fansite hand written in messy PHP/MySQL and launched it in March 2010. That site was very inspired by the comprehensiveness of The Iron Maiden Commentary and Black Sabbath Timeline. Bad Religion and Metallica is also great.

This website launched more than five years later is an attempt to clean up the messyness a bit and to be more dynamic and mobile-friendly.

This website is an ongoing project and not a finished product.

Contributing to the website

Everyone are always more than welcome to contribute to the website in any way. If you see any incorrect or missing information about any item, or if you have any related photos, videos or stories, please either comment under the appropriate item, post on the forum or send an email to the webmaster. I also appreciate if people make the website an enjoyable place to be, by commenting under items and posting on the forum. You can also contribute by sharing any links from this website on other sites, and thereby increasing traffic to this site. Also, you can show explicitly buildings/locales on the maps, or you can show any other things, I appreciate it.

Send info [at] cirithungol [dot] org, or open a guest book here or here.

“I am not being credited for my content”

The content of this website are taken from every possible source. My own record collection, emails and chats I have had with various related persons, Facebook groups and pages, Wikipedia, Metal-Archives, Discogs, forums, etc.

If I have forgotten to thank or credit you for any items on this website, please do not hesitate to either comment under the appropriate item, post on the forum or send an email to the webmaster and I will gladly put your name (and your link if you want) up where it belongs. Also note that the credit is randomly used on content (text), image (alt text, title, caption, description) or filename. If you want to make it more clearly, then send me an email.

“I found content on the website that are a property of me used without permissions and should be removed”

If you think anything on this website is used illegally, please either comment under the appropriate item, post on the forum or send an email to the webmaster.

“I found content on the YouTube that are a property of me used without permissions and should be removed”

All material uploaded to the channel is for entertainment purposes only. All rights and credits go to the owners of the audio recordings, with no intention of copyright infringement.

The channel does not monetize or add the ads on the videos. This is done through YouTube and the license holders, all proceeds goes to the rightful owners.

I do not intend to cause harm to the bands or their music. If any artist or label feels uncomfortable having their work published on the channel, please contact me by email and I will remove the respective content.

But remember also this

You also need to think about removing an unofficial item on YouTube, Discogs, Metal-Archives, YouTube, Setlist and so on – they are also plagiarism and illegal. Or if not, what is the difference between Cirith Ungol Online has “stealing” items, but big website or other personal account is not stealing the items, but it is exactly the same items? I have no monetizing on YouTube. Please explain me. Just curious.

All the account are fan or “fan”. They have recorded on other Youtube, streaming, or CD, DVD, or possibly they have recorded on their own mobile camera live, and uploaded it on video or music.

Faded Locust's account
paradisebeyond METAL CATALOG's account
Nair Baron's account
Metal On Metal 80's account
Gloria Al Metal OldSkull's account
Nick Astro's account
Kuhta44's account
Gringachola's account
...and so on...

There is endless more of this on only one song. And can they have the same purpose and intention of doing this?

If you want to help the website, but also want to degrade the sound or image:

  • Sound: Replace full song long length to sample length of song, lower quality, or whatever you want to do it.
  • Image: Replace full image to low image resolution, copyright remove ads, watermark, colour to black/white, some/many procent is white on image, or whatever you want to do it.

Supporting the website

Creating this website has costed me countless hours of work and sleepless nights. I thank and am most gratefully for everyone who are contributing to and supporting the website and the Cirith Ungol community. By contributing to or supporting the website, you are encouraging me to continue to maintain, update, and improve the site.

One way to support the website is through the automatic generated shopping links found on the bottom of most pages on this site. Some of the links are affiliate links and some are only links. The affiliate links which means that this website may earn a small commission when ordering items directly through these links. Ordering any items through these links does not mean the price for the customer will increase. You will pay exactly the same for the item as before. If you would like to buy me a CD, then please click the shopping link of your choice and order the item(s) of your choice or
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I prefer to get contacted through e-mail and not Facebook. Email: info [at] cirithungol [dot] org. Mark the subject with “CIRITH UNGOL”.

Thanks to

  • everyone who has supported this site, contributed and supplied with additional info, pics corrections and taken the effort of replying to my mails.
  • all visitors and Cirith Ungol fans
  • any photographer and journalist who has published interviews, articles, pictures, etc
  • the musicians and everyone who helped in some way or other


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