If you have one or more interviews, more media, clothes, posts, technical issues, more of the WordPress or eventually other CMS, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Forum, corrections, map, ads, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM or other social media (SoMe), then please help a lot. Please contact. I’m constantly looking for people who can contribute or collaborate in some way or other. You can contribute once, or regulary, it’s up to you. Newest PHP version, WordPress version and Database version and Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster. Here are some ideas to contribute with:


  • Use the website! The easiest way to contribute is to use the forum and comment fields actively to engage more fans.
  • Become a co-editor.
  • Feed me with news. Tell me about any news so I can post them on the frontpage. If it’s just a small update, it will be posted in an appropriate page.
  • Improve the website design.
  • Correct or supply with any additional information to any part of this website. Also feel free to correct spelling error/bad language.
  • Become a photo album moderator. Add pictures, sort the photos in the gallery, add captions, approve/delete user comments, etc.
  • Conduct interviews with any of the band members or other prominent/related people, like roadies, producers, collaborators, friends, etc.
  • Find logos/frontpages for the rest of the interviews.
  • More info on the covers and the lyrics.
  • Create a page for literature CU has got inspiration from. You can create the page in Word if you like, and I’ll copy it into the website.
  • A page for bands CU has got inspiration from.
  • A page for bands who has got inspiration from CU.
  • A page for instruments with pics and info about the instruments CU used.
  • A page for their live shows.
  • A page for tour dates for related bands.
  • A page for studios and/or the record labels.
  • A page for timeline/history of Cirith Falcon. You may get inspiration from Black Sabbath timeline. It isn’t done on an afternoon, but you don’t have to do the whole page at once.
  • A page for their instruments.
  • A page for their producing, programmed, engineering, remixer, etc
  • Watch out for new merch, new bootlegs, new cover songs, compilation album or movies containing tunes from Cirith Ungol or related, new tribute videos, upcoming live shows with any former member or session musician, CU in the press, and any other stuff you may come over.
  • Dilemme of various SoMe and other links:
    • Facebook, Instagram, Threads, 𝕏 (Twitter), Youtube, MeWe, Pinterest, Telegram, Mastadon, MeWe, Minds, Tiktok, Steemit wallet, etc
    • Other pages: homepage, other page on Cirith Ungol Online, Wikipedia, Metal-Archives, Discogs, IMDb (movies), ISFDB/isfdb (science fiction), Amazon, eBay, other shops, etc.
    • Ex. on the Blue Öyster Cult, what is the link to example “Bad Channels”? And what are any of the links on Angry Samoans? I’d say most of these SoMe and links are fine. So we have hundreds of dilemmas.
  • detailed timeline (and not a new custom posts)
  • family tree with bands and artists
  • Get rid of the “Feeding The Ants” (https://cirithungol.org/209/feed) with false RSS feed, correct syntax is https://cirithungol.org/(post-id)/feed
  • More comprehensive on Google Maps, maps, setlist, technical crew, etc
  • Mailing list. Had it in the old days (about ~2010).
  • See example of the other bands: Bad Religion (great discography), Metallica (great style) and Black Sabbath Timeline (great resource for information).
  • Statistics on most types of these:
    • how many gigs they have played live? scale from one song on all concerts
    • how many various artists of the song?
    • how many covers they play one song?
    • etc
  • What can I add to the post (artists, bands, releases, songs, gigs/venues, media, merch and/or misc) and what can I just have the content? Example: I have the band Loudness, but The Budos Band is only mentioned on Homage. On Lord of the Rings, is it enough with one link (with JRR Tolkien), or I must have author and several Lord of the Rings books? For I have several books on Moorcock. It is dilemma.
  • Trying to avoid duplications on discogs and metal-archives on the editions.
  • Sticker or other things.
  • Buggy search:


  • Working on making the website even better and faster
    • Theme is hestia-child, derived from Hestia from Sep 2018.
    • Deleted rest of the inactive themes and inactive plugins.
    • Most of it using webp instead of the other image (jpeg, png, bmp, etc).
    • Database MySQL: Type InnoDB engine with Collation utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci and optimize tables.
      Exceptions there are Type MyISAM engine on the forum phpBB (forums), but I guess that enginee is both sides – positive and negative.
  • Not work on header Anniversary: $args = ['anniversary' => 0]; get_template_part('template-parts/anniversary', null, $args); on index.php and $args['anniversary']; on anniversary.php does not work yet.
  • set_transient and get_transient on anniversary does not work yet.
  • Feed (RSS and Atom) does not have <description> yet.
  • Each CPT with it’s each “dmy” (date-month-year) code. I want to have only one function dmy (probably functions.php).
  • There are “dmy”, “my”, “y” and “empty” in the code. Want to expand “d”, “m”, “dy” and “dm” in addition.
  • Further below on https://cirithungol.org/band/cirith-ungol, Emoji is supported on Michael Moorcock: ✍️, but not supported by Michael Whelan and Cirith Ungol: See the Cirith Ungol, Whelan or Moorcock.
  • Frontside on mobile, it might have some days later on Anniversary. Example, the date was now 22 January, but mobile on frontside it is still 19 January. See LiteSpeed Cache.
  • On mobile, top is it white background, and under it is normal background.
  • Can’t click on tablet when I search something
  • Standardized form, ex. <blockquote>, <quote>, <q>, <cite>, signature, date, header, image, etc
  • Various quotes, ex.: “, ‘, ´, `, “…”, «…», etc
  • Want to have all links in one popups. Now it is link something on Wikipedia, Discogs, Metal-Archive, isfdb, IMDb, Amazon, eBay, SoMe and/or website etc.
  • Link management tools/SoMe reference landing page ex. linktr.ee, Milkshake, Taplink or similar. See example of Streaming there for now.
  • Advertisement/sponsor of i.e. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Tiktok, Snapchat, X (Twitter), Youtube, etc
  • Sort T-shirts and other merchandise, or eventually WooCommerce or similar.
  • Check for bug (error, warning, notification) on the DevTools (Bug on Javascript console on frontpage), Site Health, /public_html/error_log, /public_html/wp-content/debug.log, search.google.com, bing.com/webmasters, etc
  • Cover, haven’t solved it yet. i.e. is it now:
    • title=”Nadsokor” (or various title, an example “Nadsokor (Cirith Ungol cover)” ?)
    • permalink=”/song/nadsokor-rigor-mortis/” (or various permalink)
    • Custom Fields -> Originally performed by = “Cirith Ungol”
    • Custom Fields -> Original version = “Nadsokor” ‎(or various custom fields. Note, now there are tons of “Nadsokor”, and most probably I have “Nadsokor” on wrong band on the first time)
  • Develop child theme code on WordPress .
    • On Custom Post I have written this”https://www.test.com/cu/” on More Fields, and clicked “Update”, cut out the extra characters they added “:” and “?#” on website, “https://www.test.com:/cu/?#“.Pods Admin -> (Custom Post Type) -> More Fields -> Field Type: Website on plugin Pods.
  • On Custom Post Type -> Edition, there is __ERROR__ almost always on Release on More Fields, if I forget it every time.
  • In the future: experiment with other programming language with excellent result. CMS (Drupal, etc), web development framework (Next.js, Nuxt.js, Angular, React, Vue.js, etc), database (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc), and so on.
  • AMP, Apple iPhone/iPad App Store and Google Android Play Store app on mobile
  • Get rid of the cracks and injection with cirithungol.org and truemetal.org

    If you have any other ideas, don’t hesitate to contact! All contributers will be credited. Sorry, but I don’t pay your money for it, but possibly you could have affiliate for your items. Got rid of the Google AdSense. Contact for further info.

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