Artist Jon “Metalion” Kristiansen • Birth โ™‰ Sat 20 May 1967 (56 years, 0 months, 21 days, 20475 total living days)
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Jon Kristiansen aka Metalion, is the editor for the long running fanzine called Slayer Mag that was launched in the early 80’s. He did also run the record label Head Not Found. He was friends with a lot of the well known early heavy and extreme metal bands including the infamous Norwegian Black Metal bands. His fanzines was cooperation of Live Wire mag 1983 (see Credits and Magazines) and each Slayer Mag from vol.1 anno 1985 through vol.20 anno 2010 was in 2011 collected in his excellent and literary heavy book called Metalion – The Slayer Mag Diaries, along with plenty of newly written comments and photos. The pages from vol 1 to 20 are mostly the same on original, but unfortunately there are some original paper is dismissed on the 2011 collection The Slayer Mag Diaries. The book is mostly focused on the more extreme edge of metal, but all kinds of hard rock and metal are represented in his works. The book while being highly subjective, gives an unique insight at the early metal scene, especially in Norway. I have not read through the whole book yet, but while having seen the name Cirith Ungol briefly mentioned, I have so far not found any articles, review or interview with them.


Introduction – Live Wire

  • Live Wire! Vol. 1 Juni 1983
  • Live Wire! Vol. 2 Aug 1983
  • Live Wire! Vol. 3 Nov 1983


  • Slayer 1 – February 1985 – NY Metal Zine, 24 pages, A5 size, 200 copies, written in Norwegian
  • Slayer 2 – May 1985 – Include: Total Death, A3 poster
  • Slayer 3/4 – February 1986 – A Thrash Metal Attack, 500 copies
  • Slayer 5 – Summer 1987 – The Return…, 68 pages, 1000 copies, written in English
  • Slayer 6 – 1988 – Death Metal ‘Zine, 48 pages
  • Slayer 7 – Fall 1989 – Death Mental ‘Zine, 56 pages
  • Slayer 8 – Early 1991 – Jesus Is Dead
  • Slayer 9 – Fall 1992 – Alternative Death Mental ‘Zine
  • Slayer 10 – Spring 1995 – Past Present Forever, 88 pages, 2 different designs
  • Slayer 11 – May 1998 – Metallik Devastation, 108 pages
  • (unfinished Slayer 12 – De Mysteriis Dom Arne Babb, 12 pages, A5 size)
  • Slayer 13 – January 2000 – Final Kommand, 108 pages
  • Slayer 14 – Summer 2000 – Total Destruktion, 104 pages
  • Slayer 15 – Late 2000 – Nekro Kult, 88 pages
  • Slayer 16 – Late 2001 – Deathlike Silence, 68 pages
  • Slayer 17 – May 2002 – Witching Metal, 68 pages
  • Slayer 18 – January 2003 – Devils Attack
  • Slayer 19 – February 2004 – Fukk Metal
  • Slayer XX – December 2010 – Blood Fire Death
  • Live After Slayer Mag

He is thanked in the booklet for both King of the Dead and One Foot In Hell and is one of the two persons mentioned from Norway. The other one is Hallgeir Fisketjon. I have no idea what his relation is to Cirith Ungol. Live Wire! magazine who has writer Metalion, is mention on King of the Dead -> Credits -> Magazines.

This episode features a discussion with Jon Kristiansen and Tara G. Warrior talking about their book Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries (Bazillion Points Publishers). Jon started Slayer Mag in Norway in 1985 and put out 20 issues over the span of 25 years. The zine covered a variety of extreme metal bands, including Emperor, Slayer, Kreator, Nihilist, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Cathedral, Entombed, Morbid, Napalm Death, and more. The Onion AV club called Slayer zine founder Jon Kristiansen โ€œone of the best primary sources for facts and stories about Mayhem, Varg, and what really happened back in the day.” The Chicago Reader called this book “a chronicle of death and black metal at their births but also a personal coming-of-age story.” It’s an awesome 744 page hardcover with tons of pictures and reproduction pages from every issue, and there’s even material from the precursor Live Wire zine. It’s also part memoir. Co-editor Tara interviewed Jon all about his experiences with the zine, and then together they decided what to include.

gallery of arne babb 1 Jon "Metalion" Kristiansen | Cirith Ungol Online

Gallery of Arne Babb

Yes, we have it at Quimby’s. It is $39.95.

Jon and Tara were at Quimby’s for a Chicago release event for the book on 6/8/11. But we conducted this interview in our dark and creepy basement beforehand.

Quimby’s Bookstore is at 1854 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622. Or find us on the web at

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