Gig The Masters of Black Metal @ Arlington Theatre • Band(s) Cirith Ungol
DateThu 25 Apr 1985
Time19:00 pm
SloganKings of the Dead
Previous arenaThe Masters of Black Metal @ Arlington Theatre
Address โ“The Arlington Theatre (Metropolitan Theatres), 1317 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Country United States of America (USA) (US)
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Featured acts: Venom (“from England / Last California Appearance!”), Slayer (“from L.A.”), Cirith Ungol (“Kings of the Dead”). This concert never happened, only the posters.

The Masters of Black Metal

Cirith Ungol canceled the gig. The poster had the bands Venom, Slayer and other bands (Oz, Exodus or CU) before and after 19th April, but the slogan“The Masters of Black Metal” were probably only 19th April and 25th April 1985.

Slayer, Venom and Exodus were recorded 3 Apr 1985 at Studio 54 in New York, and released on Combat Tour Live: The Ultimate Revenge on VHS in 1985.



Fun facts on metal classification over the years:

  • Venom: “Our music is Power Metal, Venom Metal, Black Metal, not Heavy Metal cos that’s for the chicks“. Kerrang! Nov 1982
  • Slayer: “From The Heaviest Band In the World Comes The Ultimate Power Metal Album” and “A Sure Must For All Hardcore Fans” (fanzine Metallic Overkill, promo ads for Hell Awaits album, 1985)

Curiosity: the French artist Philippe Druillet who drew for “Spirits #1” the very first comics version of Elric in 1971. The comic “Approaching Centauri” on battle between heaven and hell on the magazine Heavy Metal โ€“ The adult illustrated fantasy magazine vol. I, no. 4, Jul 1977, which has script of Philippe Druillet and art by Jean “Mล“bius” Giraud. The Slayer album Hell Awaits has borrowed of them.

Question, the reason was that the lyrics was Venom (satanism), Slayer (satanism) and Cirith Ungol (incompatible with their fantasy/sword and sorcery, and also incompatible with non thrash metal) on the poster “The Masters of Black Metal”? See founderย Anton LaVeyย of Church of Satan.

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