Gig La Casa de la Raza • Band(s) Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions)
Date Wed 15 May 1985
Time 19:00
Present Antonini Productions
Previous arena La Casa de la Raza
Address La Casa de la Raza, 601 E Montecito St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Country USA
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Active played

Year is 15 May 1985. Featured acts: Uli Jon Roth Electric Sun (“Former Lead Guitarist of Scorpions”), Cirith Ungol (“Plus Very Special Guest”).

What was your first show?

I did a show at La Casa with this guitar player, Uli Roth, who used to be in the Scorpions. [The group] Cirith Ungol from Ventura opened, and we got 300 people. The next show I did was at the Arlington Theatre; it was a bunch of metal bands like Armored Saint and Great White, and we did 1,600. Then I started to diversify, doing stuff like blues, jazz, Albert King, Albert Collins–all those guys.

Bill Locey, Los Angeles Times


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