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Artist Jim Barraza • Birth ♐ Tue 29 Nov 1966 (57 years, 0 months, 10 days, 20829 total living days)

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Jim Barraza, Jimmy or James G. Barraza. Guitars 🎸 01 Jun 1987 – 1991 and 2015 – Sep 2023.

Sharon Schuster (mother), Gilbert Barraza (father – 27 Apr 1945 – 4 Dec 2022 RIP), Bob & Ruella Bouffard (grand parents), daughter Alishea Barraza.


Jimmy Barraza is a fantastic guitar player

Greg Lindstrom


he was one hell of a guitarist

We had found a really good guitarist named Jimmy Barraza who we wanted to bring on board so that Jerry could concentrate on his leads and we could play all the double leads we were writing in all the new (and old) songs. Somehow Jerry must have felt that we were trying to replace him although nothing could have been farther from the truth.

Robert Garven


    Cirith Ungol officially returned to the stage on 8th Oct 2016.


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