Artist Pat “P.J.” Galligan • Birth 1957 (approx 57 years) • R.I.P. Thu 01 May 2014 (approx 67 years)

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P.J. Galligan, PJ, P.J., Pat Galligan or Patrick Joaquin Galligan.

He played with Rob and Greg in Titanic from 1969-71. Rob and Greg bailed to form the heavier band Cirith Ungol, while Pat joined some punk bands later. Classmates Robert Garven, Greg Lindstrom, Jerry Fogle and Pat Galligan.

His parents had a folk singing group that he was part of, “The Galligan Family”. He played rhythm guitar.

Pat was a big Beatles fan at the time so we started playing all Beatle covers. First song we played was “Get Back!”. To make a long story short, the rest of us were into more heavier music and so the three of us [Rob, Greg and Jerry] quit Titanic and started Cirith Ungol.

Robert Garven, Steel Conjuring interview 2000

PatGalligan 2 Pat "P.J." Galligan | Cirith Ungol Online PatGalligan 3 Pat "P.J." Galligan | Cirith Ungol Online


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