Record Inside My Brain • Band Angry Samoans Format Album and EP/Extended Play • Published Nov 1980



  • “Metal Mike” Saunders – vocals, guitar
  • Gregg Turner – vocals, guitar (tracks 1-6)
  • P.J. Galligan – first guitar (tracks 1-6)
  • Bonze Blayk (Kevin Eric Saunders) – lead guitar (tracks 7-11)
  • Todd Homer – bass guitar, vocals
  • Bill Vockeroth – drums



  1. “Right Side of My Mind” – 2:09
  2. “Gimme Sopor” – 1:44
  3. “Hot Cars” – 0:33
  4. “Inside My Brain” – 1:36
  5. “You Stupid Asshole” – 2:09
  6. “Get Off the Air” – 1:28

Bonus tracks on reissue (1987)

  1. “My Old Man’s a Fatso” (demo, recorded October 1978) – 2:55
  2. “Carson Girls” (demo, recorded October 1978) – 2:48
  3. “I’m a Pig” (demo, recorded October 1978) – 2:17
  4. “Too Animalistic” (live at Rhino Records, May 12, 1979) – 1:59
  5. “Right Side of My Mind” (live at Rhino Records, May 12, 1979) – 2:16

Inside My Brain is the debut album by the American punk rock band Angry Samoans, released in 1980. Re-release on new cover painting on 1987

Right Side of My Mind

Gimme Sopor

Hot Cars

Inside My Brain

You Stupid Asshole

Get Off the Air

The most infamous song on the album, “Get Off the Air”, was directed at influential KROQ-FM DJ Rodney Bingenheimer.

KROQ FM Inside My Brain | Cirith Ungol Online

The film The Black Cat (1966)

The cover photo is from the 1966.

the photo is from the 1966 low-budget horror flick THE BLACK CAT, made in Texas. a cinematic version of the Edgar Allen Poe short story of that same name. and it ain’t a “girl with an axe in her head,” it’s the protagonist’s WIFE. good times. INSIDE MY BRAIN (Bad Trip), released October/Nov 1980.

Metal Mike Saunders

There is many The Black Cat film from Edgar Allen Poe. But these is director and writer from Harold Hoffman.



See also IMDb.

23 / 100
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