Record White Tape Demo • Band Prophecy Format cassette, demo • Published 1987



SPECIAL THANKS TO Cirith Ungol, Mike at Outlook, Tim Blackwell, Leah, Jon and Dacra, (Officer), J. Irvin, Tom, Andy, Doug, Marc Dole, Calvin, John at J.B. Player, Don at B.C. Rich, Skeletor, Jack (Oh Dude), Doug (Dive Bomb) Young, Sean, Hans, J.R., Tina (You Lop) and Chris. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO Tim Baker and Flint for their undying support.


This is a very rare demo tape of Cirith Ungol’s little brother band Prophecy. It features Jimmy Barraza on guitar before he joined Cirith Ungol, and the original version of Go it Alone (Riff/Jim/Peter), and then Go it Alone (Prophecy cover), and then Go it Alone (Ventura cover) and then the little famous Go it Alone (Cirith Ungol cover).


Recorded at OUTLOOK studios…It was a very simple recording..on 8 track
everything was recorded live…and then we overdubbed leads..and background
vocals…in an afternoon…it’s is an accurate portrayal of the band at the time
raw and in you’re face…kick ass!..that’s “PROPHECY

Scott Campbell, 04 Mar 2013

Thanks very much to Scott Campbell for all of this. R.I.P.


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Gemmino Smothers
1 year ago

Where can I buy this demo? It’s still impossible to find. This music deserves to be played daily!

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