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Record VENTURA the band • Band Ventura The Band Format Album • Published 1989


All Songs Recorded and Mixed at Dolphin Studios, Ventura, CA.
Engineered by Rick Griffin
“Started out Dancing” Recorded at Goldmine Studios, Ventura, CA
Engineered by Mike Hom
Mixed by Jeff Cowan

VENTURA would like to thank, for their ONGOING financial support:

Bill and Esther Campbell, Susan Mondello, Thomas Lee, Sr. and Fran Parsons, Robert and Esther
Wisecup. William and Stephanie Hatch, Florance Hatch, Donald and Patricia Goddard, Charles and
Nancy Davis, Carl and Jeanette Giacomazza. Man and Dawn, Mark Craig, Jeff Cowan, Bob Niemeyer
and Bruce H. Keeling. We Love You! (Can we borrow a little cash???!!!)

Thanks to those who have always believed:
Timothy E. Blackwell (Oh you just suck on it), “Flint“, Tim Baker, Cirith Ungol, Doug Brack (“Canyou play any country!”), Doug, Bill and Eileen Allen (Douglas Rales?!), Monica Zavala, John
Reyes, Missy Walen (“What do you mean FREE salad?), Tara “RAT” Davis, Dawn Hatch, Lori and
Sean Donwen (Herbal… I can build it!), Nina Marie, Kelly Crosswaith, Jodi and Ben Adams, Lon
Bendor, Olga Ocampo (Champlimentary Compagne!), Diane Addis, Bob (3D) Mondello, Johnny
Donovan, Russ Sperling, Cortis Dietzsch, Frank & Pete, R. & K. Woodard, D. Garcia, Dave Strattman,
Carla, Tami Norman, Little Lisa, M.A. Moreeno, Karen, Elroy Escobar, Louis McCombs, Brian
“CHREECH” Lunetta, Tracy Longo, Richard at Heck’s Club Soda, Country Club, Troubadour, Mel
Landberg, Jay & Amy, Onyx, Tammy “RAJ” Pimperton, Angie & Leslie, Shawn & Debbie (Apt 4135),
Marc Dole, Lorraine at KABA, Ed & Chrissy at Sir Speedy, Hannah Gabbertan, Connie (Shit Man)!),
Ron Howard (I love titties!), Marianne Perez, Paul “SPINACHMAN” Trutner, Chris, J. Peter Heles
& Liz, Rob Garvin, Jim Barraza

This album is dedicated to the memory of Kurtis Philip Grothe 1961-1987

Thanks to ALL, who support us! We Love You – VENTURA

Those who make it work:
Enrique Silverado Perez (Rico P.!), Pat Lysaght (“I never help break down!”), Jeff Hanson Jr. (You
green-soak cacapillaric torturing bastard), Corey Hatch (I don’t know!), Robbie “ROCKETMAN”
Mess(“We had Pizza??!!”), R.C. Denney (This is my GLITTEN, better known for LITTEN!), Kim
Butler (Crazy Bitch), Karol McPherson (What’s your problem?!), Scott Hanseth, Danielle, John &

Scooter uses Ibanez Guitars
Tommy uses Jackson Guitars and Randall Amps EXCLUSIVELY
Rhonda uses Roland and Ensoniq Keyboards
Butch uses Slingerland Drums and Ludwig Black Beauty Snares

Special Thanks to the MASSES who participated in the Voices, Guitar Solon, and Sounds that made
WHAT EVER! complete. Possibility

Photos by Pat Lysaght
Produced by Scott Campbell
Executive Producer- Tom Parsons
All Songs Written and Arranged by:
S. Campbell and T. Parsons
“Go It Alone” Written and Arranged by:
S. Campbell/J. Barraza / K. Grothe c1986
“Ball And Chain” Written and A
S. Campbell/A. Turrez / T. Parsons 1989
“C’mon N’ Love Me”. P.Stanley-Cafe Americans (ASCAP) 1975
“Kristina R. Springfield Super Ron and Robie Porter Music (BMI) 1981
1989 All Rights Reserved
For VENTURA information call (805) 644-7689
This tape was duplicated at Tape Duplications Systems.
Ventura, CA. (805) 644-8341


Side A

  1. C’mon N’ Luv Me (Stanley, 1975) (Kiss cover)
  2. Ball and Chain (Campbell / Torrez / Parsons, 1989)
  3. On My Way (Campbell / Parsons)
  4. Started Out Dancing (Campbell / Parsons)

Side B

  1. Kristina (Springfield, 1981) (Rick Springfield cover)
  2. Animal (Campbell / Parsons)
  3. Go It Alone (Campbell / Barraza / Grothe, 1986) (Prophecy cover)
  4. What… Ever ?!!! (Campbell / Parsons)



The originals:

10 / 100

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