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1980 Four young guys started a band. Band started and quitted from 1980 – 1986. Name is “Eclpse”, avoiding “i”.

Eclpse is: Tracy Longo – All Guitars • Rick Snider – Vocals • Bruce Corney –
Bass, Keyboards • Marc (Bubba) Sauer – Percussion

Recorded & engineered at Goldmine Studios.
Mastered at L.R.S.
Special thanks to Tim Nelson at Goldmine Studios

This is the trophy we won after going against 22 bands.. The Final was against us and Cirith Ungol.. we won..

Eclpse @ FB

A1 Zero
A2 Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children
A3 Another Squeeze
B1 One In A Crowd
B2 Fall Of The Curtain
B3 Eriador (The Land Of The Shire)
B4 Mushroom Song

Led Zepagain

Eclpse was ended, Led Zepagain (FB 1988-93, FB new, YT) tribute is formed and was from 1988. Led Zepagain was honored to have been featured on AXS TV’s “World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” in 2014. The initially member was:

  • Tracy Longo, YT  – Guitars – role of Jommy Page
  • Rick Snider – Vocalist – role of Robert Plant (later Swan Montgomery)
  • Bruce Corney – Bass – role of John Paul Jones
  • Marc (Bubba) Sauer – Drums – role of John Bonhaim

Note: there is also a Led Zeppelica tribute band, but different members.

Tracy Longo (born 25 Sep 1962?) “was in a band called Keeper; after that Secret, a Top 40 band that played Bombay, the Holiday Inn and Maxie’s” (interview). Also in the band Zepp Heads, members on vocals with Diego Garcia, bass and keyboards with Stan Taylor, drums with Mike Dietzman and guitar and Vocal with Scott Hathaway..

Guitar Tech Corner

Tracy Longo build and recondition guitars and basses and started in 1984. FB GTC, GTC, YT.

Being also with Guitar Planet Ventura, IG, FB.


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