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The Warriors – Monomyth

Guest with Jarvis Leatherby and Armand John Anthony, 13 Dec 2019

  1. All Life Is One 2:05
  2. The Painful Truth 2:39
    Guest โ€“ Jarvis Leatherby, Jeremy Palaszewski, Winston McCall
  3. Iron Mind 3:07
    Guest โ€“ Jarvis Leatherby
  4. Yu’ukwep Nukagรผd (Death Dancer) 0:38
  5. Death Ritual 2:47
    Guest โ€“ Armand John Anthony, Nate Rebolledo
  6. Hutch 0:31
  7. Within, Without 3:13
  8. Fountain Of Euth 3:07
  9. Tavi รœรผs Yukwenaak (The Sun Is Dying) 0:57
  10. Burn From The Lion 2:19
  11. Beyond The Human Dimension 1:35
  12. Last SOS 4:52
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Warriors – Monomyth

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