Artist Anton Szandor LaVey • Birth β™ˆFri 11 Apr 1930 (67 years, 6 months, 18 days, 24673 living days) • R.I.P. Wed 29 Oct 1997 (93 years, 10 months, 15 days, 34289 total living and posthumous days)
Check it out here:

He is under “Special thanks to:” on Frost and Fire.

The Beatles has also on him on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

He was the founder of the Church of Satan and the religion of Satanism. At least one of the CU people has also like of Church of Satan page, and one of their song is called Satan on Night Demon, and manager of the band Satan. Are Cirith Ungol a truely strong atheistic satanist or devil worshippers ? Do they believe in theistic Satan in the Bible, or Abrahamic religions ? Or they don’t believe anything, just ideology of anything or something? Upside down cross is actually meaning cross of Saint Peter, not the Devil itself. But still many of the bands and metal heads are using upside down cross. Sign of the horns means “Rock on” or “Satan”. I guess that half of Christian people has also the music of CU, but its is supposedly wrong – Either you believe in Christianity or you believe in Satanism which influenced the music including Cirith Ungol. Are they are shamed for their Christianity, but they are very happy if they could talk about their satanism a lot? Sometimes the Satanism or humanist laugh at Jesus with cartoon sadists. Do other religions not exist? When you talk about your ultimate freedom, it is the law of your country first of all, not so much about religion.

Rob said about Vern: “He and his wife got religion and bailed, which was for the best as he was never really C.U. material.”. Rob also said about Robert Warrenburg: “To make a long story short Bob got some kind of religion … Both (Warrenburg/Malatesta) left before the album (Paradise Lost) was even released”.

Reminds me of the liner notes of the founderΒ Anton LaVeyΒ of Church of Satan,Β pentagram symbol of Satanism, and alsoΒ The Masters of Black MetalΒ (1985 gig) and β€œWe’re Still Children Of The Devil” (2017 interview). Also see the Asbury Park Press here:


The Asbury Park Press

“Your Complete Newspaper”

Journalist was Jeanne Jackson and Lisa R. Kruse.

    CU@FB about Lavey

    CU@FB about The Asbury Park Press.

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