Artist Robert Gould United States of America (USA) (US) Birth 1952 (approx 72 years)
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Robert or Bob Gould. Here is a little curiosity. Much with Moorcock, but little with Cirith Ungol, unfortunately. He is illustrator of Elric and other artworks. Gould is also known for his Elric Saga artwork on Falcon live, Hawkind and Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock.

Blue Star Publishers

The first Elric was special hardcover edition of Elric of Melniboné (1977). See isfdb and amazon. The fourth special hardcover Vanishing Tower, was illustrated to Michael Whelan, not by Gould. See the illustration Elric Demonslayer, isfdb and amazon.

Berkley Books

The same on author Michael Moorcock, but illustration was Robert Gould from the 1983 and ’84.

  1. Elric of Melniboné (Mar 1983)
  2. The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (Jul 1983)
  3. The Weird of the White Wolf (Sep 1983)
  4. The Vanishing Tower (Nov 1983)
  5. The Bane of the Black Sword (Jan 1984)
  6. Storm Bringer (Apr 1984)
Nelson Doubleday / SFBC compilation
  1. The Elric Saga Part I (Apr 1984)
    1. Elric of Melninboné (Mar 1983)
    2. The Sailor of the Seas of Fate (Jul 1983)
    3. The Weird of the White Wolf (Sep 1983)
  2. The Elric Saga Part II (Jul 1984)
    1. The Vanishing Tower (Nov 1983)
    2. The Bane of the Black Sword (Jan 1984)
    3. Storm Bringer (Apr 1984)


The band Falcon has Elric Part I on the poster.

See the Saga table with DAW Books

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