Gig Live at Zen Sushi, 11 Mar 2005 • Band(s) Falcon
Date Fri 11 Mar 2005
Present Liquid Flames Productions
Address ZEN Restaurant, 2609 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Country USA
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106099693_l Live at Zen Sushi, 11 Mar 2005

The Story Behind the Cover

At first we wanted to keep with the Cirith Ungol tradition of using art depicting Michael Moorcock’s albino elf anti-hero, Elric. We approached artist Robert Gould to see if we could license the cover of The Elric Saga Part I. It suited Falcon, as it depicted Elric with a bird of prey on his shoulder. At first Gould seemed interested, but eventually he just gave us the cold shoulder.

elricsagapt1-278x300 Live at Zen Sushi, 11 Mar 2005

Ful color scan of Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melnibone by Robert Gould

zensushi11032005 Live at Zen Sushi, 11 Mar 2005

Perry’s b-day gig in ’05 with Shakey Mallard & High Horse. Get your sushi ‘n’ rawk on!!

Perry Grayson (Live at Zen). See under “Nelson Doubleday” on Moorcock there.

Michael Moorcock


Here is a similar to Chaos Star:

elricsagapt1-chaosstar Live at Zen Sushi, 11 Mar 2005


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