Article Urish’s Hoard – The Guide To Elric Collectibles • Published Mon 18 Jan 2021
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Urish’s Hoard – The Guide To Elric Collectibles
By James Kirkland
Illustrations by Mark A. W. Jackson and James Kirkland
With Contribution by David Hartlage, Scott Spray and Richard Watts
Interview: Robert Garven
Dream City Books sf, No. 5


In the June 1961 issue, Science Fantasy #47, printed the first appearance of Elric in the novella, The Dreaming City and swords and sorcery would never be the same.

For the next 60 years, Mr. Moorcock, and a bevy of the most talented artists to ever hold a brush have enriched us with the ongoing tales of of the the Prince of Ruins. Often copied, but never bettered, the Original White Wolf continues to entertain his fans, and hopefully will do so for decades to come.

Thanks Mr. Moorcock, if may be Elric’s birthday, but you gave us all the gifts!

To celebrate I’m offering Urish’s Hoard at a birthday discount if any of you may have missed it. It’s an Elric celebration in book form with 100s of photos, interviews with Moorcock, Michael Whelan, Robert Gould, P. Craig Russell, members of Hawkwind, Cirith Ungol, Tygers of Pan Tang, and articles about the rpgs, art, comics etc. The link will be in a comment below.


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