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Black Doom Metal Psychedelia!! Demontage has been playing scattered shows on the local Toronto scene since 2005 with the current lineup.

In 2010 we began to get wider exposure in the international underground due to the release of our album “The Principal Extinction”, alongside releases from Manilla Road, Stygian Shore, Ironsword, and other greats. (In the band’s own words)

Demontage has covered Cirith Ungol.

We don’t have any relation to Cirith Ungol other than (at least) two of us are big fans since about 15 years ago

Something about Doomed Planet worked as a catchy live set song that we could capture some of the vibe of. We tried learning the title track of King of the Dead but it wasn’t working as well as Doomed Planet did. Also, One Foot in Hell is a less-represented album than the first two but is just as good!

We don’t currently plan on any studio recording of the cover, or covering any other songs, as yet.

Demontage, Feb 2019

8 / 100
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