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Back in 2014, Night Demon recorded a cover version of the NWOBHM classic “Axe Crazy,” by the band Jaguar. This week’s episode takes a deep dive into that song. Jaguar guitarist and founding member Garry Pepperd chronicles the formation of the band and explains how “Axe Crazy” came about and why it was released as a single rather than on a proper album. The Night Demon band members describe how they came to be aware of Jaguar and “Axe Crazy,” and talk about their reasons for recording it and how it became a staple in their live set for several years. You will also hear from Jarvis and Garry about the brief period when Jarvis became the lead vocalist for Jaguar, and the handful of shows he performed with them. The guys reflect on the enduring appeal of the song and the reasons why it will never truly be retired from the Night Demon set.

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  • Streaming Video: Early performances of Night Demon performing “Axe Crazy”
  • Streaming Audio: Night Demon’s cover of Axe Crazy (original mix)
  • Streaming Video: Jaguar “Prisoner”, “War Machine” live from Pyrenean Warriors Open Air 2017 w/Jarvis on vocals
  • Streaming Video: Jaguar “Backstreet Woman” live from Hard Rock Hell 2017 w/Jarvis on vocals

–Β  from Jarvis


Jaguar (without Jeff Hershey) – Axe Crazy (1982)

Night Demon – Axe Crazy (Jaguar cover) (2015)

Jaguar with Jeff Hershey – Axe Crazy (live, 2017)

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