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The Velveteen Band Velveteen Band | Cirith Ungol OnlineThe Velveteen Band is a theatrical rock ensemble featuring puppets and is led by Baron Von Velveteen. Started from 2011. Matt Baker is son of Tim Baker.

Band members on stage:

  • Baron von Velveteen – Guitar, Trumpet, Backing Vocals
  • Fum the Puppet – Vocals, Dancing
  • Foe the Destroyer – Vocals, Plotting your doom
  • Christopher David Coyle – Drums, Percussion
  • Buster Matthews (Soüp Hat) – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Aaron Philip Levitz AKA “Professor Z” – Synths and Melodica, Containing Foe’s rage, Science (part away from 07 Feb 2018)
  • Thomas Dalesandro – keyboard (started from 17 Jun 2018)

Behind the curtain:

  • Claire Flores – Puppeteer for Fum, Puppet keeper of Fum and Foe
  • Jason Allen Amelio (Lunitari, Soüp Hat) – Puppeteer for Foe, Voice of Foe
  • Daniel Jose Flores – Voice of Fum, Band Manager

One of the interview: VC Star by Bill Locey (25 Sep 2017). He also speaking about Sykotik Sinfoney and H.P. Lovecraft.



The Velveteen Band 2015 Velveteen Band | Cirith Ungol OnlineThe Velveteen Band (06 Feb 2015)
  1. In the West Is a Robot 06:33
  2. Stroll 04:28
  3. Fear the Rider 04:33
  4. Fire Away 04:33
  5. Up, Up, and Away 03:47
  6. An Old Knives Tale 07:03
  7. Whisper 04:05
  8. Glory 05:00
  9. Too Much Whiskey 06:35

Whats On The Other Side Velveteen Band | Cirith Ungol OnlineWhat’s On The Other Side? (29 Sep 2017)
  1. What’s on the Other Side? 04:15
  2. We Set Sail (feat. Nathaniel Johnstone & Dogwood) 03:52
  3. Holiday 05:32
  4. Ignite! 03:58
  5. Carnival (feat. Gill SOTU) 03:36
  6. Overboard 02:36
  7. Crocodile Man 01:31
  8. Día de los Muertos 03:37
  9. This Fine Crew 04:08
  10. I’m Not Broken 04:31


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Velveteen Band – The Velveteen Band
Velveteen Band – What’s On The Other Side?

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