17 years today… Rest in peace and thank you for …

Dani Besserwisser 8:15pm Aug 20
17 years today… Rest in peace and thank you for the music.

Calvin Meuser 8:26pm Aug 20
Humble dude. No ego.

Greg Hazard 9:15pm Aug 20
Truly one of the greatest guitarists of all time…. Hearing his solos in concert and rehearsals was awe inspiring and amazing!!!

Ioannis Katis 10:30pm Aug 20
War eternal!

Dani Besserwisser 10:34pm Aug 20
King of the Dead.

Tim Baker 10:37pm Aug 20
the Man…….

Jack Bado 10:44pm Aug 20
Deserves to be inducted in the rock n roll hall of fame…

Matt Rhodes 10:48pm Aug 20
RIP love his riffs and solos for all time

Luke Ferrell 12:00am Aug 21
Master of the Pit

Rikardo Valencia 2:52am Aug 21
Maestre !

Erik Johansson 3:36am Aug 21
RIP! What an amazing guitar player. One of a kind!

Oz Atom Smasher 5:10am Aug 21

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