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cirith ungol one foot in hell

such a great ebay find!this band was a little over-looked in the 80s ,i still have my l.p. after all these years. now i am getting old but this brought back so many memories from the crazy 80s when heavy metal had meaning. this cd is timeless! i have listened to it two weeks straight and am not burned out. i wish “king of the dead” would be re-issued . true metal fans who remember MANILLA ROAD,HEXX,OBSESSION,AXEWITCH,FATES WARNING,WITCHFYNDE,TYRANT,ANGELWITCH and others need to grab one of these cds it actually sounds better today! IRONMAN

cyberseo_post_link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CIRITH-UNGOL-ONE-FOOT-IN-HELL-NEW-CD/291635238333?hash=item43e6d095bd:g:TJ0AAOSwnWpb4zlM
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