cotd pre order Curse of the Damned Pre-orders Available! | Cirith Ungol OnlineCurse of the Damned album pre-orders, now available!  We have so many different options for you guys to choose from.  SPV/Steamhammer has issued the album on gatefold LP (includes CD), compact disc, and some bundles with an exclusive T-shirt.  Century Media also has some really cool CD and LP pre-orders, including, colored vinyl, compact disc, and 2 different limited edition T-shirts.  We as Night Demon have also set up our own pre order which includes a clear sky blue vinyl (limited to 200 pressed), custom patch, signed glossy, and concert ticket to a show of your choice!  You can check out the band’s pre-order HERE, or by simply clicking on the “Merch and Music” tab at the top of this page.  Here you will also find links to ALL pre-orders to suit your geographical needs.  Thank you for supporting!  Hope you all dig this record!

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