Does anybody have any pics of Bob Jones?not the on…

Jack Joaquin Peck 5:01am Feb 24
Does anybody have any pics of Bob Jones?not the one who’s still alive but he was a tall guitar player who played with me in a band called the Street at Mr.Luckys in Ventura during the late 70’s & Rudy Ruiz the drummer?Would like to post their pics.Thanks-J

Revis Johnson 5:49am Feb 24
I remember the street and mr luckys I was in the band prowler I remember bob and Rudy sorry no pictures

Tom Rudenko 6:44pm Apr 5
I think I jammed with Bob, along with Dan Buley in Dan’s house. We were putting a band together, I remember Bob was great.. cool guy, great guitarist. Sorry no pics

Jack Joaquin Peck 7:10pm Apr 5
Thanks Tom.Bob was truly a great player & singer.if theres any way you can get a hold of Dan who I believe helped raised Bob’s son Todd when he passed that would be deeply appreciated.

Ruben Duarte Jr. 7:17pm Apr 5
Jack if he were still alive about how old would he have been? I know of one but not sure same guy. Do you know wife’s name and if he had kids?

Jack Joaquin Peck 7:40pm Apr 5
I know who you are talking about Ruben but this is a different Bob Jones.The one I’m talking about was from Oxnard & was tall & thin.I played in a band with Bob & Mark Higgins in ’76 called Vicious Cycle.We played at a club The Mickey Moose Club which became Club Soda.Bob would be about 60 now.He has a son named Todd who has gone on to tour the world playing music last time I spoke to him a few years ago.

Ruben Duarte Jr. 7:42pm Apr 5
Aha ok then.

Jack Joaquin Peck 8:03pm Apr 5
His wife was Pam.We were both in a band with Jerry McClintock called the Street in the late 70’s.

Ruben Duarte Jr. 11:29pm Apr 5
Is Jerry still around? I remember him.

Tom Rudenko 11:36pm Apr 5
Hey Joaquin, I might be mixing up Bobs.. Dan Buley passed away back in the early 80s, you might be thinking about one of his big brothers, Tim or Pat.

Susan Crawford 2:38am May 14
No, not familiar with young musician Todd, my big brothers (Buley) only raised Mitch, Ben, Brad, & Tim Buley (the younger). 🙂

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