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4:08pm May 28
Early this morning I went to the place where Scott ended his own pain. Had a nice lil visit and talked one on one with my lost brother. I told him he is missed tremendously by many and that I love him. I shed a few tears too.

Amazingly enough another dove perched itself on the line above me. Some how it makes me feel hopeful.

Seeing what Scott saw that morning, hearing the birds singing loudly, smelling the plowed field.. I hope it helps me to close this chapter of the story. Scott would want that to be so for me and for you too. He doesn’t want us to have heavy hearts.

I’ve packed up my things.. now, it’s time to get on the road. This has been a time of healing and fond memories.

I am thankful for the presence of Scott Campbell in my life.

Love ya brutha,

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