harlow early 90s bandmates included todd jensen Harlow, early 90s. Bandmates included Todd Jensen... | Cirith Ungol Online
Tom Rudenko 3:19am Aug 7
Harlow, early 90s. Bandmates included Todd Jensen, Kevin Valentine, Theresa Straley and Tommy Thayer. Tommy brought me into the band, we shared the same manager when I was with Roxbury Drive. These guys were super professional and ass kicking players. We got signed with WB, video, tour โ€“ but again (alas), the record didnโ€™t sell. Iโ€™ll track down the video and post it up. Tommy continues to play as the lead guitarist of KISS. This band was my last shot (grunge started to take hold), afterwards returned to Ventura, went back to school and got a real job! Steve Gasaway and Dave Henderson, my broโ€™s then and forever, supported me through all these ventures.
10 / 100
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