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5:28am Nov 13
Heavy Rockin’ Raw show playlist – 10/11/18

Black Sabbath – Killing Yourself to Live
Bad Company – Rock Steady
Cactus – Rumblin’ Man
Hard Stuff – Roll a Rocket
Pale Divine – Rise Above
Dixie Witch – Goin’ South
Internal Void – With Apache Blood
Humble Pie – The Fixer
Toe Fat – But I’m Wrong
Ursa Major – Liberty and Justice
Savoy Brown – Wang Dang Doodle
Trapeze – Way Back to the Bone
Fates Warning – Soldier Boy
Holocaust – Long the Bell Will Toll (Live)
Quartz – Mainline Riders
Terra Firma – Rainbow Ride
Trouble – Memory’s Garden
Skid Row – First Thing in the Morning
Glenn Hughes – Soul Mover
Judas Priest – The Green Manalishi with the Two-Pronged Crown (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Death – Painkiller (Judas Priest cover)
Uriah Heep – The Hanging Tree
Savatage – Sirens

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