Hey everyone! Our final edition of Frost and Fire…

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picture Hey everyone! Our final edition of Frost and Fire... | Cirith Ungol Online
10:35pm Sep 18
Hey everyone! Our final edition of Frost and Fire is just a little over two weeks away!!!!!!! This year has definitely been a battle to say the least. We have the unfortunate news that Exhumer will not be able to make it, due to visa and immigration issues. We spent a lot of time and money to try and make this happen through lawyers and all the right channels, but in the end it was just another failure for the U.S. government not letting another great band through. The same with Pagan Alter. In addition we must send our heartfelt condolence to the members of Shok Paris, who have suffered a death of one of the members significant others and will not be able to make the festival. We as a festival are personal friends with all of these bands, and we definitely are always fighting for them. Replacing these bands will be legendary Chicago metalers Thrust, epic metal up and comers Eternal Champion, and next gen thrash titans Warbringer. Our lineup still as solid as ever, and we are honored to host all you maniacs for one final party.

We will be posting set times and FAQ’s later in the week. Thank you all for the support. Let’s rage in Ventura!

Tickets available here…
Night 1-
Night 2-
Night 3-

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