Hi Perry! The merchandise in falcon’s site are yet…

Carlos Eduardo Burkle 2:20am Jul 16
Hi Perry! The merchandise in falcon’s site are yet avaiable? I want at least the first Falcon’s album in cd format.

Falcon 7:39am Jul 16
The self-titled Falcon CD is still available, Carlos. Please go to http://www.falconband.net/falconmerch.htm

Carlos Eduardo Burkle 10:27pm Jul 16
Ok, Perry. Purchase of cds (1s and 2nd) provided and payment already done through paypal. I apreciate if you could sign the cds. Thank you!

Falcon 8:25am Jul 17
Cheers, Carlos! We appreciate the support. The CDs will ship next week, after the funds transfer from Paypal into my account.

Carlos Eduardo Burkle 12:06am Jul 18
Ok! Thank you again!

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