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Frost and Fire6:00pm Mar 1

It’s no secret that great festivals are all about reuniting great bands. In our quest to be one of the great festivals, we are please to welcome White Wizard to party! Reuniting for this exclusive one time performance, Jon Leon, James Paul Luna, James Larue, and Tyler Meahl will conjure the spirits of the original White Wizzard lineup to perform their classic debut High Speed GTO.

This lineup only played a handful of shows and hasn’t been seen together in over eight years. Let us rejoice in their return even if only for a magical moment at this year’s Frost and Fire.

Below are some sentiments from the band members regarding this special occasion.

“I have been working with James J Larue again on a lot of new WW material I have written for a few months now. He has directed and created our new video and laid down some incredible leads already. I have been doing vocals out of necessity and we have kept things pretty low key. I have about 10 songs written and we continue to record in studio as of now, creating and growing the next phase seeing where that may go. During that time we have met and talked with Luna a couple of times and expressed a strong interest in working together again. This show is a first step in seeing if that can come to fruition. I think WW was best when the 4 of us were clicking together and this is a fantastic thing for the fans of WW mk1. As for the future we will see where it can go. Luna has HG and we are releasing a new single and video today with me on vox. WW is an evolving entity and we do feel strongly about doing more with the original line up. We all have obligations and really this show is a first testing ground for the possibilities of what could be in the future. Either way this is a great thing and I’m very excited to see it happen and we will see what the future holds. See you there! ”

“When Jon and LaRue met with me a a year ago we shot the shit and they expressed interest in me working with them again, however I had too much going on with the grail so I had to decline. I don’t usually hold grudges so there’s no hard feelings there, I feel the Wizzard/ Grail feud was fabricated by the press and labels. Fast forward to 2016- Jarvis hits us up about an original lineup WW reunion and I said “Sure man! What’s the harm in one show?”. I think the fans of that GTO ep will be really excited to see us play these tunes live. Naturally the next question is if we will be playing more shows or releasing new material, and to that I’d say I can’t make any promises with our other obligations and such. For now, we’re just focusing on this one show and making it as awesome as we can- if something else comes of it then so be it. Looking forward to revisiting those old tunes again and seeing what happens.”

” I’ve had a lot of fun adding instrumentation to Jon’s new songs. Coming up with video ideas, song concepts, artwork, telling unsavory stories, it’s classic fun times. Being able to get creative with a project, it’s like taking a really great dump. I’m looking forward to Frost & Fire, lots of really classic bands on that bill. You definitely don’t wanna miss that one, guys, you’re gonna see people wearin’ some killer classic t-shirts.”

its no secret that great festivals are all about 1 It's no secret that great festivals are all about ... | Cirith Ungol Online
Kevin Nunes10:25pm Mar 1
This is GREAT news!

its no secret that great festivals are all about 2 It's no secret that great festivals are all about ... | Cirith Ungol Online
Jesse Matteson1:53am Mar 2
Casey Matteson
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