Just want to give a huge thank you to all my frien…

Tim Baker 4:37am Oct 28
Just want to give a huge thank you to all my friends for the birthday greetings and for all of your kindness over the years!!It is truly appreciated and i can’t thank you enough !!I feel younger every year thanks to you and hope to see you all soon!! Thank You so much , Tim CHEERS!!!!!!!

Jose Luis Cano 4:49am Oct 28
Rock on Tim Baker !

Mitsos G. Kokkotis 5:34am Oct 28
God of Metal bless you Tim … \m/

Dave Gross 5:50am Oct 28
I still treasure the letter and stickers I received after joining the CU fan club some 30+ years ago. The letter bears your signature, and I knew it was special. I still have the letter and stickers as a reminder of how much Ungol has meant to me in my life. Keep the Metal Heavy, brother.

Randolph Carter 6:39am Oct 28
Happy birthday sir!

Steve Johnson 12:39pm Oct 28
Happy belated birthday, brother! Keep it heavy, keep it real

Tim Blackwell 2:37pm Oct 28
One of my favorite memories of you is when you destroyed every other band during a battle of the bands at the Fair Grounds in Ventura. I’m guessing it was in the mid to late 70’s.

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