My beloved daughter Nickoel Lynnette Egizi musicia…

Revis Johnson 4:06am Jan 24
My beloved daughter Nickoel Lynnette Egizi musician, actor, 1979-2001 the song coming out (Revis Johnson) on CDBaby and iTunes

Gregory Hillman 4:18am Jan 24
How is the other parent holding up?

Revis Johnson 5:55am Jan 24
Yes Mr. Hillman I think the loss of Nickoel impacted all the people that she touched. The closer she was to you the more it hurt when she was gone. But the inspiration of her sprit keeps love and hope in all of are harts.

Revis Johnson 6:12am Jan 31
Teaching Nickoel guitar at age 3 at my music store "Johns music" California st and Santa Clara st Ventura ca 1982

Susan Crawford 2:40am May 14
I still have a guitar cord from your store from back then, that says "John’s Music" on it! Cool store! 🙂

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