Earlier this year, we released a special compilation album – titled Year of the Demon – featuring original songs, cover tunes, and previously unheard live recordings, from our 2020 7″ singles. At the same time, we’ve been hard at work, writing and recording our upcoming full-length (due to be unleashed in 2023 via Century Media Records). To give you guys a taste of something new, Night Demon has now partnered with Decibel Magazine for an exclusive vinyl flexi: “The Last Day”. Available for Decibel subscribers (with limited magazine issues – containing the flexi – available for purchase at the Decibel webstore), “The Last Day” can also be streamed online at: https://www.decibelmagazine.com/flexi-series/ 

Jarvis Leatherby (Vocals / Bass) comments: “The concept of ‘seizing the moment’ can absolutely be considered trite, but we feel this is a fresh take on it. We’re all passengers on this pale blue dot hurtling through space. Threats abound; climate change, a global pandemic, possible nuclear war…Here’s a song to remind us to enjoy our lives and really appreciate the things and people we have, and realize this really could be ‘The Last Day'”.


b:W10= New Single "The Last Day" Now Streaming | Cirith Ungol Online

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