nightdemon ad Night Demon announce Heavy Metal Mixtape | Cirith Ungol OnlineOnce quoted as “the most widely practiced American art form”, the mixtape format became the most common way in the tape trading scene for underground metal bands to be exposed to new audiences all over the world. With the advancement of the digital age, the mixtape has become a lost art. We took it upon ourselves to reach out to these bands and compile what we feel in our hearts is a true and current representation of the best heavy metal coming out of America today! Much like Metal For Muthas, Metal Massacre, or Roxcalibur marked those moments in time of the bands that were leading the charge back in their day, we believe this collection embodies the dominant American heavy metal of this generation. This is the sign of our times!

Don’t worry, we have included a download code with each cassette for all of your digital listening needs. If you normally listen to music in the compact disc format, you can easily burn the included WAV (CD quality) downloadable files to a CD. However, the true joy of this compilation comes from listening to the actual tape. There are some cool added bits of randomness between some tracks that are only on the cassette.
Throw this on while speeding down the highway in your TransAm, in your cassette player at your warehouse job, and most importantly, at your house party!

Cassettes are limited to 666 hand-numbered copies.

All preorders include a Heavy Metal Mixtape poster and 1″ button! Preorder HERE or go to

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