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Hi there,

any forum will need an introduction thread for new users, so I hope it’s okay for you that I start this one on the night of the return of CIRITH UNGOL.

So a quick introduction: I’m 41 years old, hailing from nearby Ulm in Swabia, Southern Germany, calling Cirith Ungol my favourite band ever since I first heard from the band in 1991, and words cannot describe how happy I’ve been ever since having met Tim and Rob at KIT XIX and having received the news that the beast might, will and finally has been back… The rerelease of "Paradise Lost" is simply amazing!

While actually having my F&F2-ticket here on my pinwall, but sadly not having had the guts to fly over to California to watch the show tonight, because of some strange feelings concerning aeroplanes, I will simply take the opportunity to say hello and start this thread in your new forum on this magic night.

I really hope everything did work out as fine as you might have dreamt of and wished for. I surely kept my fingers crossed all night and now it’s around 2 AM and I need to go off to bed.

Now I’m really looking forward to meet you again at "Keep It True XX" in Königshofen. The ticket is here at my side, and this time I won’t need an aeroplane. So count me in, as part of the legion.

Good luck with this forum, and foremost with the band and this amazing comeback!

All the best,

Rüdiger a.k.a. Hugin the Raven.


Statistics: Posted by Hugin — Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:25 am

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