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Welcome to the board Rüdiger :-)

My name is Dani and I’m in my thirties. I was born and raised in Norway. I have been passioned about music my whole life, and have always been a bit of a collector too. Have never liked Spotify. I have been fan of several bands upon the years, including Michael Jackson and The KLF. But my first favourite rock band was Nirvana, before Kurt died, and I still own a good collection of CDs, vinyls, boots, etc by them. Then followed a brief period with Pantera, but they never really made it to my heart. Then followed Helloween, Iron Maiden and all the other obvious metal bands. I later become interested in the more unknown, preferably 80s bands. I discovered Cirith Ungol by an accident, I had downloaded a folder from a LAN party. The folder was filled with rare and obscure metal bands in MP3 format. Particular one of the songs catched my attention. There was a odd song sung by a strange sounding Dirkschneider (Accept) type of vocalist. Melodic and majestic guitar melody, still a quite outlandish song compared to anythig I had heard before. The song was called War Eternal and the strange band name was Cirith Ungol. Some time later I got hold on a well used copy of King of the Dead from a record fair. The quite worn vinyl had a few crackling sound, but that just added to the charm. I love all the albums, but King and One Foot are my two favourites.

I have been running several Cirith Ungol fanpages, including the first ever CU Facebook group since May 2007 (later declared official by Perry Grayson), a Twitter (automatically updated) and Google+ page (currently not really maintained), The Cirith Ungol Webpit since 2010 and more recently Cirith Ungol Online. So yes I am a bit of a geek. I still see this website including the forum as beta versions as I am not 100% satisfied. Hope I soon get time to finish it up and promote it more so we will have an active forum for all Ungolians. Yes I know Facebook has killed the forum popularity a long way, but I still think forum is a superior software for discussions rather than just a FB group.

I have unfortunately yet not promoted neither this website nor the forum much yet as I still feel there is a bit more work to be done on it.

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